"Their Debut"

"Their Debut"

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where have the Stephens been??!!!

We got so caught up in our trip to Galinburg then Wee-Peats that I am finalyl catching up on some much needed R&R.  But lets get yall all up to speed on the actual "skiing" part of our trip and then on to my oh so fabulous week I had at Wee-Peats!!

Riding the tram up the mountian was a fun new experience to start our day!

Hailey jumped right in and fell in love with it but Jackson really wanted to "board" as he called it! Unfortunately, they didn't have small enough ones for him so after a break and some coaxing he started to enjoy it!
Last picture of the trip was in front of the huge ice on top of the mountain on the way home! (for all pics check out my facebook page)

Now for WEE-PEATS!! For those who dont know, one of my dearest friends Amber does a Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter children's consignment sell here in Augusta! And it is huge!! I dedicate my whole week to helping her and of course running my Thirty-One booth, but this past week was one of my favorite sales! I had the pleasure of being setup between some awesome women who do awesome handmade kid stuff.  Kristen of Pretty Pretty Baby and Jen of Rock-A-Bye Bedding. We united as a team and sold from all of our tables (including Girl Scout cookies with Leah too!!) and all had a win-win week in sales! Please check out their facebook pages and etsy accounts especially if you have kids, expecting or just need baby shower gifts!

Here is a small sample of what you missed if you didn't go to Wee-Peats!!

P.S. My other dearest friend, Sally, holds an adult sale coming in a couple weeks....she is accepting consignors and the Spring/Summer Sale will consist of not only clothing and accessories buy household furniture too!! Check her out http://www.revampconsignment.com/

Have a great night!!

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