"Their Debut"

"Their Debut"

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday....

So as most of America is standing within 2inches of their TVs and screaming for GB or the Steelers...I am nestled all comfy in my bed enjoying the quiet in my household! Finally! I secretly love Super Bowl Sunday cause it gives me an opportunity to make all those yummy fingerfoods and eat with paper plates and no utensils! But I am getting ahead of myself lets start at the beginning....

Paul got an early wakeup call with work and needless to say was on phone/computer for a couple hours before any of us decided to even get out of bed this morning. That turned into no church for him and me loading the kiddos up for a morning at Genesis.  I taught my wonderful 2-3 year old class this morning with the aid of Kelsey...our lesson was about how the "sneaky snake" made Adam and Eve eat the fruit from the forbidden tree and disobyed God...so we ate fruit snacks and made snakes out of construction paper.  I love these little guys and gals they are so easily entertained, they literally chased each other with those paper snakes for a good 30 minutes!!

Moving on after church we braved Wal-Mart to get some game day snacks and very much needed paper towels and napkins.  The brillant guy who decided to put McDonalds in the Wal-Mart I love you today! Chicken nuggets and caramel (yes they eat them together and pitch a fit if they are out of caramel) lasted the whole shopping trip!

Sunday afternoons are meant for napping but nope not today. By the time I got home my kitchen was clean and that basket of Jackson's clothes that had been sitting there all week was put up-thanks hubby!! Now I had to fix all that yummy food and get the ASU kiddo out the door to her sorerity meeting. Maya (our sweet dog as to whom I will dedicate a blog to one day) got a very much needed bath and the kiddos had Ella (awesome family across the street) over to play.  Hailey, Ella and I made some yummy banana bread and started to get our game-day snacks ready. 

Finally it was beginning to get dark out and the game started so we munched away on meatballs, chili cheese dip, crescent wrapped lil smokies, cheese sticks and banana bread.  Our family isnt really into the football thing but we love the commercials so we let Hailey and Jackson entertain us with sword fighting during the game (Paul bought Jackson a Nerf sword and sheild yesterday and its been a nonstop defend yourself if he is around kinda weekend). Bathtime. Hair drying. Last minute begging for dessert. And they are off to dream land and me to my laptop in my comfy bed. 

FOOTNOTE: Day by Day with Lavagirl and Sharkboy is a fitting title as not only is it the newest movie craze for my two kiddos but its all about if you believe in your dreams hard enough they can come true. So here is to dreaming about the kitchen being recleaned and that other basket of clothes being folded before morning!


  1. Yay! Your grammar was not too bad, and your story was definitely interesting :) love it.

  2. I loved it, too! Your family is just PRECIOUS!