"Their Debut"

"Their Debut"

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh Sunday...how you ended so well :)

Church. Cleaning. Life Group. And then....bammmm!!! Just like that the night turned crazy! But lets start at the beginning!

Got to teach my sweet 2-3 year old class agian this morning with Kelsey's aid... talked about love, ate heart-shaped rice krispy treats and played hide and seek (yep best game ever to play with 2-3 year olds...they love it...even if its a big open room with nothing to hide under/behind but a table!!) Once we got back home spring cleaning set in and we all pitched in to help.  I mopped, vacuumed, scrubbed, wiped and cloroxed my entire downstairs while Kelsey and Paul (with the kiddos) power washed the cars and front porch.  While I was still scrubbing away they headed out back to clean up doggie poopies and get the grill ready. And in between all that I managed to write Paul's Valentine's Card and finish his gift and sneak it in his car seat before he left for Hotlanta.  Yep im wonderMom :) Why all the cleaning today you might ask?? Well LifeGroup was at our house and I had to make it all sparkly before it could get all dirty! Yep our LifeGroup is amazing! 6 families. 12 adults. 13 kids. Okay maybe its a crazy LifeGroup but we all love it and would not trade it for anything. After preparing, cooking and devouring the kabobs we settled into our lesson and just good ole' no shame in our game honest talk! I love each and every one of them (and their kids) and the times we have together. So after everyone left and it was just me and the kids (Paul was already gone) I got to feeling lonely :( Well then Kelsey gets home form Adpi stuff and we settle in to a little Grammy watching and calls home to Mama and Daddy and this is where it gets good. Well we talked Daddy in to coming to see us tomorrow after his meeting at Lake Thurmond (10 mins from my house) and spending Valentine's afternoon with us...maybe he will bring chocolates and flowers or maybe just that carton of chocolate milk he said we would have to split!! Then we called Mama. Who tells us she has been cleaning and has found some fabulous reading material. Well she proceeds to tell Kelsey all about the "note" that was written to her from Kelsey about Audrey bitting her on the bus....its great! Then I get on phone and she tell me all about the "Dear Diary" note I had written when I was 9 years old...and all the grammar errors and lordy lordy she is trying to figure out how to scan them, convert them to jpegs and put on FaceBook...be prepared world for that! But wait it gets better. So then Kelsey shows me the card she sent Mama for Valentine's...its an Ecard on Hallmark...go to hallmark.com and click on ecards and search for "Moto Moto Dance" in Valentine's section....LOVE IT!! ("I like'em big, I like'em chunky, I like'em plumpy") Best part is when Mama explains to me about how a certain sister left another certain sister some clothes/purses and such and forgot to clean out a purse...lets just say at this point in your life you have to laugh about it...oh how it made my night!! And there you go.... a true typical day at the Stephens...lots of craziness and laughter and just plain ole' good times!

Now to figure out how I can get to Gatlinburg this week and with whom.....hmmmmmmmmmm.........

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