"Their Debut"

"Their Debut"

Monday, February 7, 2011

Rainy Whinney Monday

Oh Mondays how I dread you. It means you have officially ended my weekend and its back to the grind of lunch making and rushing to get to school on time. Although I guess technically I should be grateful since I dont have to be anywhere till 9:30am every morning, but my kids are sleepers and today I had to drag them outta bed at 8:50am! So after a bribbing session to get them in their clothes we grabbed the juice cups and honey buns and we were on our way.  Of course Jackson has chosen this day to be his whiney day so needless to say I am ready to hit the sack.  Im still learning how little boys are (Ashley be ready cause I certainly am not) and it is taking a toll on me today. 

At least I got a good bit of work done this morning at the office.  I am currently building a website for Media Success (the marketing agency I work for) and it is a trial and error kinda thing.  It is fun trying something new and I love the learning experience.

Moving on to this afternoon where I had already fussed at the kids 5 times before we even made it to the house after school and they both were sent for "quiet time" in their rooms the moment we walked in the door. Today was a rainy cold yucky day so I resorted to not doing a bit of cleaning and just relaxing...hey I am a Mom and am entitled to those every now and then! Kelsey got home and we proceeded to hang out on the couch and watch Eat Pray Love only to get interrupted by Jackson yet again with the whinnning! Well I finally had enough so I marched him up to his room and told him to sit on his bed and not move while I went and got Paul's belt. Yep thats right Jackson got a big ole' spanking with a belt.  Now lets discuss this spanking because I have no idea how parents do it.  I mean he was squirming all around and screaming and holding his butt sayign "not the belt not the belt" but I was determined.  I managed to get a lick or two in and left him crying in his bed.  Yeah I was a little sad about it but not really, I mean when you have had enough thats it.  Didn't take but maybe 10 minutes for him to come out saying " Im sorry Mommy. Can I play now?"

Since I was already in a not so good mood due to the kids, last thing I wanted to do was cook dinner. So I made easy mac for Hailey and Jackson and whipped up some omlets for us grownups. (Kelsey wanted hotdogs with her eggs so I threw those in too!) And then finally the only reason I don't entirely hate Mondays...Pretty Little Liars. YESSSSS!!! I am addicted and its the 1 hour a week that Kelsey and I demand quiet and full attention on the TV :) But then I get all mad again cause its over too quickly and they leave us hanging till next week.

Well here is to another day...maybe a better one without all the whinning and yelling and general craziness of Lavagirl and Sharkboy!


  1. Hope you have a great day! I know what you mean about yucky, cold weather and just wanting to relax...that's exactly how I felt yesterday! I'm ready for some sunshine myself!:)

  2. Don't feel bad. Joshua took the belt to Madelynne one morning too. and if she doesn't start taking less than 10 minutes to brush her teeth, I'm getting it out tomorrow.