"Their Debut"

"Their Debut"

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

So I woke up this morning all sad because my valentine is outta town but then realized I had a few others in the house to cheer me up :) My favorite part this morning was when Jackson yells to Kelsey, who is downstairs in the kitchen, "Happy Valentine's Kelsey! I'm gonna lick you!" Oh that crazy kid how I love him! This morning was crazy by all means, I took kids to school just to come all the way back out here past my house to register Jackson for Pre-K (yes public and yes lottery funded and yes im freaking out a little about it) then back to the school for Hailey's Valentine lunch with parents and then to the office for like an hour then back to school for pick up then home....whewwww that was a lot! 

It was a beautiful day, a little windy but still pretty, so we enjoyed the afternoon in the backyard while waiting on Grandaddy (aka Papa Payne) to arrive. He came toting homemade valentine cookies from Marmie (aka Mama) and bills for Kelsey :) We hung out for a bit then he swapped cars with Kelsey and was off again (but not before slipping me and Kelsey a little $$ for a valentine's dinner for the two of us!!) I love my Daddy he is the greatest and just talking to him makes me feel better! Not to mention Shane's Rib Shack for dinner was yummy in our bellies!! A call to Mama to thank her for the cookies and for her to sing us "Moto Moto Dance" almost made it all complete. But then....

I get a sweet email (yep we're techie over here) from my hubby telling me he loves me and hates he isn't here and that he might have a surprise for me :) Valentine's Day can be a little overwhelming for some (and me at times too) because if your single it sucks, if your spouse/significant other is away it sucks, or if you just dont wanna give in to the retail made-up holiday it sucks! So here is to missing my hubby today but being able to still spend it with my family, at least some of them!!

P.S. Hailey told me tonight during bathtime that she didn't have a good Valentine's Day because she didn't get any flowers!! I mean 5 years old and already the retail world has taken over!!

Good night and Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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