"Their Debut"

"Their Debut"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gatlinburg Day 1

Driving in the car with a 3 year old and 4 year old who constantly ask "Are we there yet?" "Change my DVD Mama" "I need to pee!" can be a little over the top but we made it all in one piece and no headache!! Whoo hooo!!

Our lovely abode is comfy and just what we need (and it came with a welcoming committee!!). Thanks to the Brackett Bunch we are taking their 2 extra days here at a little townhome in Gatlinburg to relax and enjoy some skiing and swimming in the heated pool!

Nothing beats swimming in the middle of February in the mountains in Tennessee! Hailey is not an expert swimmer but can manage around the pool by herself with no floatation device and not drown. Jackson, as long as he has his arm floats, never wants to get out of the water! They are both like little fish and would live at the pool if we would let them.  Although we won't discuss the fact that Jackson jumped right in without his floats and I had to go in after him bag and clothes and all-at least it was shallow water and I didnt get my brand new Thirty-One bag (or phone) wet!

I have learned that all you have to do is ask and you can find the best deals/attractions/local restaurants when you're on vacation :) We drove the 10mins over to Pigeon Forge to see the live bears at the Three Bears gift shop place, then dinner at Mel's Diner followed by a round of blacklight indoor mini golf all for a total of $32.50 for all of us!! Back to the hotel for another dip in the pool and we called it a day!

My kids do not sleep in the same room EVER and there is a reason.  They never stop talking! You would think that since we have this nice 2 bedroom place and they each have their own bed in the 2nd bedroom that that would be enough....nooooo not for my two! I finally after an hour of threating to get a belt (they must have known i didnt have one) I had to seperate them. One in my bed and one in the other room. But finally all is quiet!

Tomorrow is going to be an adventure as I am taking them by myself to the ski slopes.  I'm a pretty good skier (I think!) and they have never been so this should be quite interesting.  I did opt for the lessons for them so at least I can have some adult help in the beginning. Pics to come as soon as we get back home!

Seven. (Cause I wanna be cool like Lindsey and that is the Payne magic number)
We miss Daddy but are very thankful that we were able to come (last minute) and do a little mommy-son-daughter bonding.  Ask me how much I love them at the end of the week!



  1. I'm glad you're enjoying it and jealous that you've already blogged about it!

  2. Sounds like a FUN time! I love Gaitlingburg...it's such a fun place to spend family time! Hope you made it through the skiing!:)