"Their Debut"

"Their Debut"

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday...where did you go?

So I was woke up this morning by the sound of the doorbell....and guess what it was the Fed-Ex man with all my new Thirty-One spring stuff!!! whooo hoooo!!! And it came just in the knick of time too cause I had a party at 12:30! To sum it up I spent my afternoon sharing my Thirty-One experience and holding one sweet little baby (my hostesses newborn).

When I got home we all got on our comfy clothes and loaded up the car to go for a walk. All of us...Daddy, Mommy, Hailey, Jackson, Aunt Kelsey, Ella and Gunner (from across the street) and Maya. It was nice getting out and walking with the family.  From Jackson falling down trying to walk up a big (dirt bike) hill...to Jackson falling down running downhill on some rocks....it was adventurous :)

Then back home again where we were all starving for CHINESE :) Yummy!! Nothing special about today other than just hanging out with each other. Although the smell coming out of Maya's hiney right now is enough to almost ruin my chinese dinner....ughhhh its so grossssssss!!!

Quickie Update since its been a couple days since I blogged: Sharkboy and Lavagirl has been watched 3 times. Hailey's ear started leaking fluid Friday afternoon so we went to doctor and yep ear infection. Kelsey does nothing but study and facebook. Paul packed to go out of town for a few days.

Quotes/Memorable Moments: (freaking out tears voice) "Mommy there is a bug in my room. I can't go in there" -Jackson  "Im getting stronger. Im getting faster too. Look at my teeth they are getting sharp" -Jackson  "You can call it boatie. And be friends forever and ever" -Hailey (on telling her daddy she was getting him a boat)

Goodnight Everyone!!

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  1. so was jackson referring to the fact hat he may be becoming a vampire with that second quote? miss your little ones