"Their Debut"

"Their Debut"

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not so terrible Tuesday....

Well we made it past Monday and on into the rest of the week.  Not a lot to report today except that for the first time (not since we moved in but pretty darn close) there is no baskets of laundry to fold and put up. That's right every basket of clothes that was in my room and the laundry room has been folded and put where it belongs...Kelsey's laundry another story but not my problem!! Paul almost fell out when he walked upstairs after work :) cudos to me!! whooo hooo!

In other less exciting news, the kids some what behaved today and even got to run around outside with Maya while Kelsey supervised for a bit this afternoon. Jackson is still deciding what girl at school is his girlfriend and is entitled to a homemade valentine this year and Hailey is debating on sending one to all 3 of her boyfriends....yea I know and no I dont want to talk about that just yet.
Hailey + boys = crazy mommy

Kelsey and I didn't quite make it to the gym this evening so we settled for a few dance battles in Just Dance 2 on the Wii.....we rocked it out and even made Paul venture out of his "man cave" to see what was going on. LOL

So there it is...Tuesday...we made it another day.

P.S. Im still getting the hang of this blog thing. I mean I have so many questions. I want my page to be cute so I guess I can work on that tomorrow but I also need to start doing pics...oh lord what have I got myself in to...........

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  1. You can do it Katy! It is quite simple to upload the pics. I don't think either one of us will top Lindsey's blog, but we can get close!!! Love you